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Secure Pet Transport

About Us

The Leading Pet Transport Service You Can Count On.

Our company was created out of love for our furry friends and necessity - the necessity for a better travel option for these creatures. According to The Department of Transportation, nearly 30 animals die each year while being transported. At Secure Pet Transport, we’re not willing to take those chances with our pets - and neither should you.

Secure Pet Transportation Services has been helping owners move their pets since 2016. Our company strives to have your pet′s move be as safe, comfortable and stress-free as possible. Furthermore, we pay particular attention to details such as; routing, weather, road conditions and other factors that may affect your pet(s) travel, comfort, and safety. Relocations and coordinating vacations can become a very stressful time. Furthermore, with so many moving parts, it can also be very time-consuming to plan it all out. Fortunately, our pet transport services take pet travel out of the equation.


Ultimately, you can expect that your pets get to your destination safely and on-time, every time! We understand that you care about your pets, because we’re pet owners, too. Make the right choice - choose Secure Pet Transport. 

Black Dog

What You Need to Know About Our Animal Transport

We treat all of your pets as if they were our own. Additionally, our pet transport service is run by professionals with plenty of love and dedication for our furry friends. Hence, you can expect that we will:

  • Adhere to their medication schedules

  • Custom Feeding Times  

  • Provide purified water as needed

  • Stop for bathroom breaks

  • Stop for exercise as needed

  • Express Delivery

  • Care for your pets as if they were ours 

Don’t allow your pets to suffer - make the right choice. Call us to schedule your move and our animal transport services will get them to your final destination safely and comfortably.

Door 2 Door

We offer door-to-door ground transportation

for pets within the continental U.S.

No Discrimination

Pets with disabilities are not up charged or denied service.

We also do not discriminate breeds.

Comfortable Transport

During travel all pets are given a USDA approved cargo kennel, grain free feed, purified water, and routine exercise.

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