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Ride Share Express

Reserve a Ride Share in less than 30 days for an Early trip

Reserve A ride share in less than 30 days for an early trip

Ride Share Express

A Higher Standard

Planning a trip less than 30 days away? A higher standard of care with low pet to handler ratios, minimal pets per route ensure faster deliveries and extra emotional support. Join a route in progress with one of the most secure ride share shuttles on the road, SPT  offers an all inclusive service at a fraction of the cost of a Private Charter. With regular walking and feeding brakes every 200 miles. Pets are kept separate at all times. An option a flexible client can enjoy.

Don't forget to ask about our Ride Share Flex promotions.

  • Join a Pre-planned Route

  • Your Pet Will Share a Ride With Up to 3 Other Pets Maximum

  • Insurance, Kennel, Food and Supplies Included

  • Less Pets Onboard Insure Fast and Safe Transport

  • Direct Driver Access During the Trip

  • Serving the Contiguous U.S.A

  • Relax at Home With Door to Door Service

  • Clean, Professional and Safe

  • New Passenger Vans With Climate Control

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