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Ride Share Express

Reserve a Ride Share for your pet in less than 30 minutes for a secure and safe trip.

Fast, safe and comfortable door to door pet transport with reliable dates.

Ride Share Express

Ride Share Express is a Fast and Comfortable ground transport service at a fraction of the cost of a Private Transport. Pets are kept separate at all times. Ride Share Express provides reliable dates, door to door pickups and deliveries, regular walking and feeding brakes every 200 miles driven. We also provide kennels and feed for eligible pets and destinations. Ask for a quote and make a reservation today.

  • Your Pet Will Share a Ride with Up to 3 Other Pets Maximum

  • Insurance, Kennel, Food and Supplies Included

  • Less Pets On Board Insure Fast and Safe Transport

  • Call the Driver Any Time During The Trip

  • Relax at Home with Door to Door Service

  • Clean, Professional and Safe

  • In House Professional Drivers with Background Checks 

  • Passenger Vans with Climate Control and Tracking

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