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Private Charter

Customize your pets trip for Peace of mind

  • Customizable (e.g., unkenneled, preferred walking schedule, flexible transport dates) 

  • Comforts of Home

  • Express Transport

  • Tracking

  • Custom Walking and Feeding Schedule

Customize your pets trip for Peace of mind

Private Charter

Private Transport is a solo ride for your pets without other pets onboard. Your pets also have the option of traveling unkennelled if eligible. Private transport is good for pets that don't usually travel well with others. Some families just prefer that their pets have privacy. Whatever the reason, Private Transport is always a great option. You'll be able to customize the walking and feeding schedule exactly to your pets taste. It's a lot quieter and comfortable with flexible pickup dates. Private Transport usually cost twice as much as a Ride Share service because there aren't other pets riding along to share the cost.

* Don't forget to ask about our Owner Ride Along service.

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